Are you looking for a Polish language specialist to teach Polish at the GCSE level at your school?


Feel free to explore our list of Polish language teachers in the United Kingdom.


To explore the list, please use this link:


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1.     A school that shows an interest in contacting a particular teacher from the list provided, should e-mail PLCCiL ( ) clearly stating the teacher’s Reference Number and Surname. 

2.     Titles of the qualifications provided are indicative.

A degree gained in Poland should not be translated, however, for the reference purposes the below-mentioned distinction has been introduced.



 The qualifications gained in Poland are highlighted by ‘*’.                                              

3.     It is school’s responsibility to check the candidates’ qualifications before commencing any cooperation with them.

4.     PLCCiL assumes no responsibility for the data provided by the teachers.



  If you are a fully qualified Polish language teacher, you can join the list by filling in the questionnaire given below: